Karnataka Flood Relief Activity


As we are aware that around 19 districts, 100 Taluks and 100 villages of Karnataka has been affected in recent flood due to heavy rain and excess water flow from the dams. Some people died in this nature’s anger and many people across the state lost their homes and hence they are suffering without basic essentials to live like food and shelter.
Many NGOs, individuals, associations are helping these people along with Govt. by offering food and other essential materials to lead their lives till things get to normal. Hence as a part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) we at SEONITICS FOUNDATIONS have done a bit from our end by offering some basic essentials like Rice, cooking oil, Bath soap, Tooth paste & brush, Mosquito coils, candles, match boxes, Detergent soap and Shampoo sachets to 5 families for few days.

Essential materials were distributed to flood affected people of North Karnataka by AGB layout team