Importance of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing strategy is different from traditional marketing strategy i.e., Pull and Push strategy to market products. Digital marketing is all about “Search Strategy” as today’s larger market audiences’ searches online before making buying decision whether it is a product or a service. They browse online to know more about product, brands available, their benefits, availability, offers etc., with lot of research which varies from consumer to consumer, product to product to gather comprehensive information which helps them to choose right product at right time from right place.

Hence every brand owners / Marketers want to appear on the first page of the google while their target audiences search for a product online. The consumers normally search for any product or services with a key words according to their knowledge which may not be the same keywords being searched by the other consumers/ prospects. The keywords searched on google or any other search engine varies from person to person.

But as professional digital marketer, we need to do a thorough research on the keywords being search by maximum prospects online with Search engine tools and apply suitable digital marketing techniques which could be mix of both organic and inorganic digital campaigns to make our brand available online when our target audiences searches for a particular product or services we cater.

As a digital marketer before we start working on the digital marketing campaign, we will first analyze our client’s online presence including their website, social media presence, previous digital marketing activities, their market, competitors online presence etc.., and design effective digital marketing strategies starting from SEO activities (on page and off page seo activities). We believe using white label SEO tactics for our clients keeping in mind long term digital goals which is also google friendly strategy where google ranks the website which offer quality contents for its audiences while they search for some information on google.

Hence as marketer we need to create quality contents for our target audiences in relation to the industry we serve and the product we deal. As a digital marketer we will write quality contents around the keywords related to the product and services being offered by our clients. Thus we choose to be in good books of google and help us to get better google ranking as per SERP (Search engine result page).

Hope this article was useful to understand that the basic strategy of digital marketing revolves around search strategy of online browsers to gain better knowledge about the product or services they buy in near future.

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